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Off Ice Strength & Power Class with Jay Shiner


Please wear sneakers and bring a water bottle to each class.


Open to all skaters beginner through adult.  

Club members and non-members welcome!


Off Ice training is beneficial for skaters of all levels and disciplines. 

Join us to strengthen, tone, work on balance and flexibilty to help improve your skating.

Jay Shiner has an extensive background with over 25 years of professional experience with Olympic, Professional, Collegiate and High School Athletes


Education and Certifications

- Bachelor in Biology with emphasis on Kinesiology & Sports Medicine

-Bachelor in Business Administration

- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

-NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

-EXOS Certified Performance Specialist

-Trained in Active Release Technique (ART)

-Physical Therapist

-Published works: The National Strength & Conditioning Association for USA and Japan, The International Olympic 

Committee (IOC), APTA of Physician of Sport Medicine

-Lectures across the country and to medical professionals


Professional Experience

-Participated in studies with figure skaters Michelle Kwan, Nicoloe Bobek, and Tara Lipinsky studying biomechanics of figure skating 

-1998 Nagano Olympics - worked directly with athletes in both Figure Skating and Speed Skating

-1995 Professional Trainer at The IOC World Figure Skating Competition in Geneva, Switzerland

-1996 Atlanta Olympics - worked directly with athletes in Track & Field and US Swimming

-Worked directly with Tim Draper and the Rochester City Ballet

- Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Baltimore Orioles for over 10 years

-Currently, Jay operates Innovative Wellness in Webster providing fully intergrated, multi-disciplinary health and fitness services

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