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Allegra Wright Hagan

Teaching Philosophy:

I strive to promote self confidence, enthusiasm and positivity. I aim to understand my skater: what motivates them, what are their goals, what is going on in the rest of their life, how do they learn best so that I can tailor my coaching to best fit their unique learning style and goals. Skating should be fun, sometimes a little challenging but students should always feel supported! 


Personal Biography:

I am a 1st grade teacher at one of Webster’s elementary schools and also a mom to two little boys! Growing up, my family lived in many different places and as a result I was lucky enough to work and train with coaches all over the world from California to Canada to Colorado. 


Highlights of Student Accomplishments:

Regional/National Qualifying Series Silver Medalist 


USFSA Gold Dance

USFSA Gold Solo Free Dance

USFSA Novice Freestyle 

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