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Private Lessons by Professional Coaches


Our coaching staff are certified by the Professional Skaters Association and are members of the USFSA.  They offer individual instruction in all levels and disciplines of skating including:


Performing a choreographed program to music that is composed of elements/moves, spins and jumps.

Dance  - Solo and Pairs

Emphasizes the techniques of edgework, flow, and motion to music.

Moves in the Field

There are eight moves in the field test, one for each level of skating.  Moves include patterns, edgework, turns, stroking posture, body control, flow, and power. 

Off Ice Training

Exercises to improve agility, power, balance, and core strength.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Club Coach, Associate Coach or a Visiting Coach, you must get GFSC Board approval.  Please email us at to get started.


Click on the coach name to read their bio and see their contact info

Judy Ferris-Brunett

Annie Russo

Allegra Wright Hagan 

Bob Moskalyk

Suzanne Bauth

Terri Ryan Sullivan

Kyra Phelps

Challen Law

Laurie Vieth

Pamela Warren

Sherri Lincoln Carr

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